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Re: Tr: Greetings and First Crash.... :o)

From: Lionix <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 21:54:55 +0200 (CEST)
En réponse à Jan Harkes <>:

> I am not yet completely happy, first of all, installing the packages
> places things in different locations compared to building from source
> (and uses a completely different set of init scripts).

Wooh !

> Second of all the codasrv pre/post install scripts stop the running
> auth2/update/codasrv daemons, but don't start them again once the
> installation is done.

Yes... But we could guess you setup vices after installation, and there is a
message at the end of vice-setup that explain you have to start auth2 and update
( difficult to miss it ! ).

> I guess the server tried to resolve something and wanted to ship the
> current resolution log to another server, but the log doesn't exist so
> we end up passing a NULL ptr to the SFTP data transfer. I don't really
> understand why it tried to resolve a singly replicated volume though.
> Who would it resolve with?

At begining thought you were speaking of rmvlog, but a short look at it show me
there were effectively transaction registered... ( exept log truncation during
rvm resizing process...).

Don't really understanding... Venus is correctly resolving rootvolume on scm (
singly one, with resolution log null ) , and when arriving in directory that
store mount point to replicated volume there's a jump for resolution to other
servers ?
Is resolution log in filesystem tree or memory ?

>I would say, create a new volume and copy the data from the original
> rootvolume or the backup in there and reset the ACLs and volume mount points.

Repoplulating volume manually... and a change a conf file....
search complex when the answer is simple....


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Received on 2003-10-23 16:07:22