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Tr: Greetings and First Crash.... :o)

From: Lionix <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 03:22:01 +0200 (CEST)
Hi all, Hi Jan,

A cool great crach : that was the only thing that could get me out of coda
practicing ! 

Endly i took the time to write an email to greet you for the last coda-6.0.3
rcp_1.20 release. 
Morevover your debian paquages, weel, are very very good : perfect dependancies
( stable vs unstable, tried both and a machine upgrade ), fines paquages
upgrades, postinst preinst script... Greetings !
Upgraded everything friday ! Could not get out of it since that day !

Coda what a turning point ! So many things to test and understand that I feel
like my first steps under unix ! :o)
Enjoy coda !

Forgive me, but i can't prevent me from writing some words about my currently

I was dealing with resizing rvm on the scm...
By precaution i made a backup of rootvolume, manually because i didn't succed
get backup command work.
I Followed the process on the web site , dumped-rvm worked fine, rdsinit...
Got an error message at the end of restoring work : 
WARNING: Volume ResOn = FALSE, fix norton to create empty log.
WARNING: Volume ResOn = FALSE, fix norton to create empty log.

Get over and started the server... Volume connected... 

I browse the rootvolume, everything fine until I list a directory who stores 
volumes located on other server. 

On the client 

linuxF1:/coda/ROOTvol/VG1# ls
ls: test_replik: Connection timed out

then the scm crash with : 
scm:/# cat /vice/srv/SrvErr
codasrv: sftp1.c:1181: sftp_AllocPiggySDesc: Assertion `p->vmfile.SeqBody'

But Volutil info on servers don't show anything wrong ( or i did not noticed ).

- missed something according to log with norton ?
- mount problems due to long disconnected state of the rootvol ?

Understanding the crucial role of rootvolume I plan to duplicate it as soon as
possible...  Have to work with clone but i would prefer to have a replicated rw
rootvolume if possible.

I suppose I got to create_vol a new volume, but it will generate a new vol-id,
and then the backup won't restore !
Dealing with volutil and VSGDB ?
Wich way follow ?

Well... thanks for having reading me !


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