Coda File System

Re: spontaneous local/global conflict, and how things got worse

From: Matthias Drochner <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 15:18:55 +0200 said:
> There are however 2 serious deviations from standard (BSD) behaviour
> in the dirent/readdir code. 

looked a bit deeper into the matter, it doesn't look that serious anymore.

> wrong is that the d_type fields are zero

That's indeed a bug and should be fixed. (That Linux doesn't get it
right is no excuse.)
It is probably possible to fix up the dirents either in venus or
in the kernel by calling stat() on each directory entry. Might
have perfomance implications.

> that the first 2 entries are
> not "." and ".."

I got told that POSIX does not require any ordering of directory
entries; applications which make assumptions here are wrong.
After fixing BSD "make" accordingly, I can build kernels in my
coda tree.

best regards
Received on 2003-09-03 09:20:50