Coda File System

Re: Filesystem replication or expansion

From: Cyril Bouthors <>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 14:42:23 +0200
Thank you Steffen and Ivan for your answers.

Ivan Popov writes:
> the biggest disk space servable by one server is still about 25G.

I've heard about this problematic limit several months ago but since I
was not able to find anything about that in the documentation, I
thought this limit has just gone.  I think it should appear somewhere
in the FAQ.

What does this limit depends on?  Can I have more information about

You can find 250GB hard disks at 350 EUR; this allow you to easily set
up 1TB servers with 4 disks; the 25GB (0.025TB) Coda limitation might
seem obsolete nowadays.

At that time, I'm interested in distributed filesystems like Coda
because I need to transparently provide a 320GB networked filesystem
to 6 clients with two 160GB servers; I also need the ability to extend
the filesystem size by adding servers, it should grow to 1TB soon.
It would even be better if I was able to replicate each server for
fault tolerance purpose but it's not mandatory.

According to the limitation described by Ivan, this looks impossible
with Coda.  Is there a way to raise the limit by tuning block sizes or
anything else?

Is there a way to solve my problem with Coda?  With something else?

Cyril Bouthors
Received on 2003-08-31 08:46:58