Coda File System

SMB / Coda / venus hangs

From: Tom Weber <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 18:04:16 +0200
  we jhust installed a Coda System for Web Server Clustering, 1 Coda Server holding the whole HTML PHP .. files and 5 nodes which
grab the data from the Server using coda. We tried with a cache size of 2GB but had some problems with it. Decreasing to about 250MB
solved the problem, the system running smoothly without any major problems.

  Now we accessed the coda file system on the server thru a SMB share (smb share to /coda/codaserver/httpd/htdocs) which seemed to
run perfectly, but now we have the problem that periodicly (every 5-10 minutes) several nodes of the 5 clients either:
  - are out of sync
  - say "connection timed out"
  - simply hang when using a command like cat or touch on the coda filesystem
  When not using SMB, the nodes are running smoothly again. It is hard to reproduce the exact problem situation, but what normally
makes one of the nodes hang is when You want to save a file on the coda with Photoshop. Using the same datafiles thru FTP seems not
to make any problems.

  To get the node back up running, the only thing which works was reinitializing the cache, an restarting venus.

  About the log Files, no real significant error found.

  about the ACL, i set the coda folders to be accessed by anybody, so i am not doing a "clog" to initialize the connection. The
rights I set are : cfs setacl /coda/codaserver/httpd/htdocs System:AnyUser rlidwka and so on.

  Any body an idea ?


  Tom Weber
Received on 2003-08-13 12:05:57