Coda File System

RE: Venus does not start

From: Joost Kraaijeveld <>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 12:15:27 +0200
> On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 12:43:01PM +0200, Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:
> > If I start Venus on the commandline of teh Coda server I get the
> > following output:
> ...
> > 12:34:18 Venus starting...
> > 12:34:18 CHILD: mount system call failed. Killing parent.
> The child process should have logged the reason for the failure to
> /usr/coda/etc/console.
The output above is the same as the contents of the console file

> Typically this happens because the Coda client has been unable to get
> the attributes of the object that should be mounted at /coda.
> With a 5.3.20 client a lot has to happen before the mount can succeed.
> At every step something can go wrong. Some things you can try is 'ping
> `hostname`', 'getvolinfo `cat /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME`', and tcpdump.

ping hostname: works OK.

[root_at_ds1 srv]# getvolinfo codaroot
RPC2 connection to successful.
Returned volume information for codaroot
        VolumeId 7f000000
        Replicated volume (type 3)

        Type0 id 0
        Type1 id 0
        Type2 id 0
        Type3 id 7f000000
        Type4 id 0

        ServerCount 1
        Replica0 id 01000001, Server0
        Replica1 id 00000000, Server1
        Replica2 id 00000000, Server2
        Replica3 id 00000000, Server3
        Replica4 id 00000000, Server4
        Replica5 id 00000000, Server5
        Replica6 id 00000000, Server6
        Replica7 id 00000000, Server7

        VSGAddr E0000100

[root_at_ds1 srv]# cat /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME

Some other additional info:

If I start Venus, the server logs show the following entries:

11:58:22 client_GetVenusId: got new host
11:58:22 Building callback conn.
11:58:22 No idle WriteBack conns, building new one
11:58:22 Writeback message to port 32770 on conn 2e385a9a
11:58:22 RevokeWBPermit on conn 2e385a9a returned 0
11:58:22 GetVolObj: VGetVolume(1000001) error 103
11:58:22 GrabFsObj, GetVolObj error Volume not online

Does this shine more light on my problem (and solution;-))????

BTW: I followed the installation instructions as per HOWTO /
Administration Guide and had no errors during the process.

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