Coda File System

Adding non-SCM/reinstalling data on crashed non-SCM/SCM

From: UpFront Technology <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 02:30:35 -0400

	This is getting fun now....

	Re:coda -5.3.20-1

	I have read several posts regarding bringing up a crashed non-SCM or adding
a new coda non-SCM to an existing cell.

	Is it possible to get a list of things that need to be done to bring a
non-SCM back online?  I recently reinstalled Linux on the non-SCM an was
unable to replicate the data.  I followed a posting listed here:

I followed this from the above link:
"It doesn't really matter whether you are rebuilding an SCM or a non-SCM
server. The important part is to recreate the lost volume replicas with the
same name, replicated volume-id and volume replica-id.

The volumename of a replica is the replicated volume name + an uniquifying
number, i.e. rootvolume.0.

    volutil create_rep <partition> <replicaname> <replicated-id>


    volutil create_rep /vicepa volume.1 7F000010 2000007 "   [2000-07-24
13:56:06]  .

Is this to be perfomed on the non-SCM?  I assume yes.

I then believe that the next step is to run:   >    on the SCM,
this I assume replicates the RVM data (which is what is used to rebuild
data, not a copy of /vicepa) to the non-SCM.

Are these the only steps after the CODA software is reinstalled and
configured as a non-SCM?
1. recreate the volumes with appropriate id's on the non-SCM
2. run > on the SCM?

I plan to re-create a full reinstall of the non-SCM again before moving
customer directories to the CODA file system for production use.

thanks again

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