Coda File System

Volume question

From: UpFront Technology <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 03:38:25 -0400
Hello All,

	running CODA 5.3.20-1------------------------------Linux Red Hat
7.3----Dell Poweredge and generic servers.

	I have been toying with a good fs with replication (for fallover) and
scalability.  I feel CODA meets this need.

	I run a small webdesign/hosting business and think CODA will work well for
http services and mail.  However, I have the first of a series of questions
(more to come later).

	With regards to volumes, I have followed the documentation and have a SCM,
non-SCM and Venus running well.  I am confused however about
creating/administering volumes.

	I have created the "initial" root volume suggested at the end of the
vice-setup script:

createvol_rep coda.root E0000100 /vicepa

	I then created (as per the documentation) a replicated volume

createvol_rep coda.rootrep E0000104 /vicepa

All with success.  Now, I understand that I can create volumes inside these
(like a nested directory).  But how is this done.   What does the volume ID
(E0000104, E0000100) really mean.  Should I created volumes like this:

createvol_rep user.nested_volume E0000104 /vicepa

and this will appear as a sub volume under coda.rootrep replicated across
the CODA cell?  Does this ID define the root volume?  What happened to
coda.root E0000100???   coda.rootrep E0000104 seems to mount on starting
CODA on the scm?

Also how does setting the mount point in venus.conf differ from mounting
with "cfs mkmount filename volname."

UpFront Technology
Received on 2003-07-08 03:50:54