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Re: Building Coda 6 on FreeBSD (was: Re: "Unknown error: 198" during re-integration)

From: Peter Schüller <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 00:42:02 +0200
> 6.0.1 should be able to build a working server, but for the client you
> probably would want to use what is currently in CVS.


I managed to build the server by removing a few type declarations in coda.h, 
and the server seems to be working fine now[1]

Unfortunately the client is now crashing (sig11) instead of complaining during 
re-integration. Not quite as often as the other problem, but enough for me to 
reproduce the problem in a couple of minutes och copying back and forth in 
disconnected mode and then re-integrating. This is the client running Linux. 
I'll try the FreeBSD client aswell tomorrow or so.

[1] It would seem that:

/* FreeBSD 5.0 */
#if __FreeBSD__ >= 5

needs to test for some 4.x verions aswell because __BIT_TYPES_DEFINED__ needs 
to be defined in 4.8 STABLE (as of yesterday) aswell.

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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