Coda File System

Re: Need info about how client work (cache)

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 15:15:04 +0200 (MET DST)
Hello Sigmounte,

> I've just installed coda-client on my debian
> using the testing server , i got it work out of the box ..
> /coda/ is mounted and i can see the ftp... and playground...
> i've make a dir under playground
> and send a lot of file to it
> i've configured 30mb of cache
> Sending the file to the server was done at a high speed (hd speed i think )

I assume you mean the file copy command completed fast.
("copying a file to somewhere under /coda" and "sending file contents to a
server" express very different matters, hope you agree on that)

> I want my file to immediatly be send to the server , and also stay in
> cache , but looking at my internet bandwidth , it look like nothing is
> copied ..

If your client was in write-disconnected mode, it may take several minutes
until it (the Venus process) sends the updates to the server. Try

cfs strong

if you insist on "instant update" (not guaranteed anyway but
gives sufficient certainty for most purposes, unless the network is flaky)

> Exemple : at work i download something with mozilla , i save data to the
> coda/ , coda-client give me hand to download some other stuff , and in
> background the file goes immediatly to my home coda server ..

That happens if you are in write-disconnected mode - then close() on the
downloaded file returns before the data is sent to a Coda server.
Several minutes later Venus pushes accumulated updates to a Coda server.
The ultimate update on *all* of the Coda servers (if the volume happens to
be multiple replicated) can delay until some client accesses the new file.

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