Coda File System

Remote boot vanaf Coda

From: Dick Kniep <>
Date: 07 Jul 2003 10:45:47 +0200
Hi there,

We at Lindix are developing a remote boot concept for Linux clients. As
you can understand, this concept is nice in that the management of the
clients can be done at the server. We use NFS to boot. THis works
nicely. :-)

However, the server becomes a SPOF for the entire network, and so we
need to do something about that. Now we are setting up a Linux Virtual
server, with at least 4 machines, 2 directors and 2 bootservers. The
bootservers use mirrored disks by Coda.

I have got a couple of questions:

1. We would like to use Coda instead of NFS to boot from. Is that
possible? (I doubt that, because Venus is a standard application, which
should be loaded BEFORE the system has started....)

2. If NOT possible, can we mount a Coda partition thru NFS? 

If the second is also not possible, are there any alternatives?

Kind regards,
Received on 2003-07-07 04:45:18