Coda File System

Restoring vol from dump

From: Richard Jones <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 18:37:59 +0100

I'm having trouble remounting a restored volume: here's (from memory)
the procedure I've followed:

# volutil clone 1000007
VolClone: New Volume id = 100000e
# volutil dump 100000e /usr/local/tmp/coda
[lots of .'s]
# volutil restore -f /usr/local/tmp/coda /vice coda:backup 1000010
[lots of .'s]

Then when I try and mount the restored volume I get the following

# cfs mkmount /coda/backup coda:backup
# ls /coda/backup
lrw-r--r--  1 100  nobody  13 Jul  2 18:34 /coda/backup -> #coda:backup

I've tried various values for volume name but all end up the same way.
Can anyone help?

I need to be sure that my volumes are backed properly up before I can
move to coda-6. I'm currently using the coda-{client,server}-5.3.20_1
from FreeBSD packages on a FreeBSD-5.1 Release box.



Richard Jones
Received on 2003-07-02 13:42:28