Coda File System

Re: 6.0.1: Can't authenticate (Was Re: repair hangs)

From: Mark Hindley <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 05:45:21 -0400
Jan Harkes writes:
 > On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 02:55:07AM -0400, Mark Hindley wrote:

 > It hasn't even tried to really connect to anything, because it
 > was unable to resolve the name titan.home... to an ip-address.
 > Does 'host' work?

Yes -- I am only on a dial-up link and run dns just for the 2 machines
that are networked here:

mark_at_titan:~% host has address

I have gone back to 5.3.20 clients but still with 6.0.1 server and
everything seems to work fine. The reintegration (which was the
original problem I asked about when everything was 5.3.20) now seems
to be reliable too.

Am I missing anything important if I don't use 6.0.1 clients?


Received on 2003-06-27 10:59:43