Coda File System

make Volume Storage group

From: hidayat <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:26:06 +0700

I,m Newbie in Coda, I has get work running Coda with 2 
machine in Linux Redhat 7.1 (client) & FreeBSD 4.3 as 
server, I have plan to add one machine as secondary 
server, at Coda it has known as replica server. But I have 
trouble to make volume for this situation , make VSG. Is 
there anybody can help me tell how to make VSG ?

And then i  wan to know about using Coda file server for 
commercial reason , is it can be possible? and is there 
anybody give me data about company that has using Coda 
file server at they activity.

thank for all

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Received on 2003-06-27 08:32:12