Coda File System

6.0.1: Can't authenticate (Was Re: repair hangs)

From: Mark Hindley <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 02:55:07 -0400
Jan Harkes writes:
 > bitten by this. This got fixed somewhere between coda-5.3.20 and
 > coda-6.0.0.
 > Jan
Thanks. So I have built and installed 6.0.1 server, update, and
client. Clean install in /vice and /vicepa. Root volume is mounted.

But I can't get any tokens. I know this is a FAQ, but I have done all
that is in there.

The Coda Admin user has been setup by the setup script. But clog

mark_at_titan:~% clog codaroot
Failed to find codasrv or codaauth2 servers for
Invalid login (RPC2_FAIL (F)).

/etc/services contains codaauth2
auth2 is running as is rpc2portmap. Logs are
unremarkable. Inparticular /vice/auth2/AuthLog just says

Date: Wed 06/25/2003

00:26:27 Reallocing from 100 to 252
00:26:27 Server successfully started

What am I missing now?


Received on 2003-06-25 09:40:19