Coda File System

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From: Richard Jones <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:18:55 +0100

I've been running coda for my home directory for a couple of weeks and
am still having problems.

My set up is two FreeBSD 4.8 boxen both running 5.3.20 server and
client. I'm having problems with both the server and client, the
server(s) bomb(s) out every couples days and venus three of four times a

In addition I am getting lots of conflicts. The only real load coda is
seeing is mail delivery at ~150 a day.

The log files in /usr/coda/etc/{venus.log,console}, /vice/srv/SrvLog
spew out tonnes of information which is mostly unintelligble to me.
(e.g. '20:40:58 Entering RecovDirResolve (0x7f000006.0x1f.0x29)')

Where can I find out what most of these log entries mean so as to
determine what is going on? I would like to roll out coda for my webmail
users, but at present my flavour of coda is just too flakey.


Richard Jones

P.S. Has anyone come up with a "nice" solution to .procmaillog which is
forever conflicting.
Richard Jones
Received on 2003-06-18 16:22:58