Coda File System

Slight scare on clock skew

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:08:11 +0900
Coda approx 5.3.20 from CVS (ie, _with_ the realms patches for Coda
and 2.4 kernel).

On my last Debian upgrade (I suspect), something was screwy in the
handling of the hardware clock, and when I rebooted after a system
crash, I found myself 9 hours (the difference between JST and UTC) in
the past.  After fixing the clock, coda wouldn't start.  Both venus
and vice failed some kind of internal RVM check and aborted
immediately, which I strongly suspect was due to clock skew.

Fortunately it was time to go home anyway, so I just let the daemons
sleep it off, and everything came back up this morning.

This probably wouldn't work if you had a production system.  Is there
a more timely way to handle clock skew issues?  (Of course, if you had
a production system you wouldn't be messing with the clock or doing
system changes without some plan if something goes wrong, right?  :-)

Once again I find that Coda's abort messages are terribly
uninformative.  :-(

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