Coda File System

Another more technical question

From: Dick Kniep <>
Date: 12 Jun 2003 13:32:09 +0200
Hi List,

I was a little too quick with the send button, as I do have another

I have setup a server and a client, and it looks OK to me. However, if I
try to logon with clog, it doesn't find the Auth2 or RPC2 servers. The
exact message is:

Failed to find codasrv or codaauth2 servers for coda01
Invalid Login (RPC2_FAIL (F))

Coda is mounted correctly, and everything else looks OK. I can ping to
the server (by name). So I am a little bewildered.

To give you some more information:
Running Slackware 9.0 (kernel 2.4.20) Coda 6.0.1, everything compiled
from source. On the client I did _NOT_ run server-install, and on the
server I did _NOT_ run client-install. Is that correct, or should I run
these also?

kind regards,
Received on 2003-06-12 07:34:21