Coda File System

backups failure after upgrading

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 00:36:25 -0700
i upgraded both my backup server and my coda server to 6.0.1. after doing
this, the backup failed, crashing my coda server in the process:


00:17:13 VAttachVolumeById: vol 1000016 ( attached and online
00:17:13 S_VolMakeBackups: backup (1000016) made of volume 1000006 
00:17:13 GrowVnodes: growing Small list from 47104 to 47616 for volume 0x1000017
(and then it dies)


socket 5: Invalid argument
socket 5: Invalid argument
socket 5: Invalid argument
socket 5: Invalid argument
socket 5: Invalid argument
Assertion failed: SRV_RVM(VolumeList[rwIndex]).data.nsmallLists == SRV_RVM(VolumeList[backupIndex]).data.nsmallLists, file "/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/coda-6.0.1/coda-src/volutil/", line 426


00:17:12 Partition /backup1: 16743200K available (minfree=5%), 13735896K free. 
00:17:12 VLDBLookup: VLDB_size unset. Calling VCheckVLDB()
00:17:12 7f000005: cloning
00:17:13        01000006->01000016
00:17:13 7f000004: cloning
00:17:43 VolBackup (265c) failed on replica 1000005 with RPC2_DEAD (F)

00:17:43 7f000003: cloning
00:17:43 7f000002: cloning
00:17:43 7f000001: cloning
00:17:43 7f000000: cloning
00:17:43 Dump of volume 7f000005 failed!

00:17:43 MarkAncient of 7f000005 failed!

however, i was able to get the backups going again simply by purging
the backup volumes. ie. volutil purge 1000016 myvolume.0.backup
for each volume.

while i was happy to workaround the problem, i thought i would report
it as a potential bug.


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