Coda File System


From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 20:26:50 -0400
The 6.0.0 release still had some growing pains, so here are updated
packages that fix the ones we have identified over the past couple
of days.

Right now it is still mostly SRPMs and tarballs. Sigh, just as I was
received a couple of RedHat-8.0 and -Rawhide RPMs for 6.0.0.

A pre-compiled, realm-aware Coda kernel module that was built for the
'linux-2.4.18-14' kernel on RedHat-8.0 is here,

I forgot if it was discussed on the list, but kernel patches for
NetBSD-1.6 and -current as well as FreeBSD-4.8 and -current are
available ({freebsd,netbsd}).

RPC2 1.17

    Small files that got piggybacked on the outgoing RPC2 packets were
    only sent to one server in a replicated group. The operation on the
    other servers fails and the client disconnected. The next time the
    servers are accessed this inconsistency was detected and
    automatically resolved. But doing it right in the first place is
    somewhat more efficient and reliable.

    The RPC2 random number generator was not initialized correctly. Not
    sure how much effect this had on connection handling and other
    places that liked random numbers to be unique.

Coda 6.0.1

    Fixes a miscompilation of a code fragment with some gcc compilers.
    This lead to various crashes mostly in and around various list
    iterators. This affected pretty much anyone who built Coda with
    an not so bleeding edge version of the gnu C++ compiler (2.95.3,
    3.0, 3.1, 3.2.1?)

    exec_prefix was not defined in the startserver script.

    mklka was not adding correct pathnames for the indexed files in the
    .lka database. Also, the server was not yielding in the loop that
    computes the sha1 checksums. On our servers (200MHz PII) fetching
    the attributes for a 120MB file reliably resulted in disconnection
    for all clients that were trying to perform an RPC call.

Received on 2003-06-03 20:28:39