Coda File System

Re: coda 6.0.0 and realms

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 10:38:41 +0200 (MET DST)
On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Florian Schaefer wrote:

> after having installed the new client here there is this new realm
> directory in /coda. But how do I get my old layout back?

Hello Florian!

I would strogly urge you to consider rearranging the setup in a cell-aware

The old layout was limited, it had no place for multiple cells,
the new one *is* better and has no new limitations except that you paths
have changed.

> florian_at_zini:/coda/ # ll
> insgesamt 4
> drwxrwxrwx   13 root	 65534	      2048 11. Mai 09:00 florian
> drwxrwxrwx    7 root	 65534	      2048 29. Dez 09:31 texmf.local
> I'd like those two volumes to be found under /coda again. Is this
> possible?

As a temporary and hackish workaround you might be able to do:

...../realms file:
florian      (or what your servers are)
texmf.local      ( ------ " ------ )

Then if will be of course:

either $ cd /coda/florian
    or $ cd /coda/texmf.local
    or $ cd /coda/

$ ls

And then you can try in that directory

for object in florian/* texmf.local/*
   ln -s $object
(creating links in the cell root directory)

Note that it will help only if there are no collisions between names under
florian/ and texmf.local/
then the old paths to the old objects would probably work as before.

Another, more compilcated workaround (probably not worth the effort)
is to set up a separate cell (i.e. at least one server) for each of
florian and texmf.local, an move the corresponding data there, into the
corresponding root volume. Then your old layout would be back (provided a
suitable realm file contents or dns records).

Again, it can help keep your system running, but consider using
only the new "global" paths in the future. Those are guaranteed to stay

Note also that all your special paths (ab)using the cell (realm) part of
the Coda paths will be by definition local to your "handcrafted" clients
and not usable as-is for a casual Coda client (say if your employee would
come to visit Chalmers but still would like to run her own mozilla setup
from her home directory on Coda - which is perfectly possible with pure
global paths).

Best regards,
Received on 2003-06-02 04:40:26