Coda File System

Re: coda server crash

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 01:57:50 -0700
On 05/16/03, Jan Harkes <> wrote: 

>     volutil setlogparms <volume-replica-id> reson 4 logsize 16384
> reson 4       - log based resolution is enabled
> logsize 16384 - doubles the number of resolution log entries, I don't
> 		 remember ever overflowing after growing it to this.

well, i had resolution turned off previously, and then i ran the above

now codasrv is dead with no hope of restarting. here is what i get
in the logs:

141 /vice/srv: db> tail SrvLog
01:45:19 Salvaging file system partition /vicepa
01:45:19 Force salvage of all volumes on this partition
01:45:19 Scanning inodes in directory /vicepa...
01:45:22 Entering DCC(0x1000001)
01:45:22 DCC: Salvaging Logs for volume 0x1000001

01:45:22 done:  738 files/dirs, 1536 blocks
01:45:24 Entering DCC(0x1000002)
01:46:10 MarkLogEntries: loglist was NULL ... Not good

142 /vice/srv: db> tail SrvErr
Assertion failed: 0, file "/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.3.20/coda-src/volutil/", line 851

everytime i restart codasrv, it dies in the same way. i tried to reinit
the log using rvmutl (i hope i was doing what i think i was doing) out
of desperation, but it does not come back up, each time with the same
error. ack!!


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