Coda File System

Links, ReiserFS, Volume Size

From: Andreas Roedl <>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:02:19 +0200

The Coda Filesystem seems to be the perfect choice for the load balanced 
webserver system, that I'm currently setting up. The InterMezzo file system 
is a nice approach, but I don't like filesystems that require an apache web 
server. Since two days I'm reading the mailing list archives, the howtos and 
manuals, but I still have some questions:

  - What is the maximum volume size? The manual gives me the impression, that
    maximum RVM size is limited to 130M, which "is good for up to 3.3 GB".

  - Is it possible to have symbolic links in a coda volume? Haven't found
    anything about that in the mailing lists?

  - Which underlaying file systems are support both on server and client side?


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