Coda File System

frozen venus, and cvs

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 18:06:33 -0400

i'm running venus on two production machines, both linux 2.4.20. today
i woke up to find venus frozen on both machines.

by "frozen" i mean:

(1) cfs listvol showed that the volumes were connected.
(2) there were no reports of any crashes in any log.
(3) venus.log activity appeared normal (nothing but the occasional
    BeginRvmTruncate and EndRvmTruncate message).

but -

(4) no file access could take place, to the point where a simple ls
of a volume or any file access would hang indefinitely.

i, at first, suspected the coda server, since both venus clients had
stopped responding at the same time. but restarting it fixed
nothing. also, neither of the venus clients were using files from
their cache (and cfs listvol did show that the volumes were
connected). so i figure, if it were a server problem, the venus
clients should, at the very least, have used whatever they had sitting
in their cache. this wasn't the case.

once i restarted each venus client, however, everything was fine, as
if nothing had ever happened.

i realize this is a terrible error report, but i could find nothing
in any log and no other sign of any visible problem, other than
"it just doesn't work!"

has anyone ever seen this behavior before, or, can anyone recommend
somewhere else i should look in case something like this happens

which brings me to my next related question:

is it recommended to track cvs? perhaps some of my strange problems
would go away if i were running the most current version of the code.

thanks in advance. :)


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