Coda File System

coda configuration with a non-scm and a scm server

From: Markus Markert <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:48:33 +0200
dear codalist,

i'm in business with installing coda distributed filesystem. after that, i try 
to write a german coda howto after that install prozedure. so sorry about my 
english because i'm a german student of business and information technologies 

but i have some problems with coda and i understand some things not. but first 
of all, i want to explain the server architectur and what i'm planning to do:

we need a server that replicates to an client. it will be a webserver which 
have html php files on it. these files should replicate to the non-scm 
server. but can the webserver (apache) access the files, when a coda client 
(venus) is not running? can i install the venus client on the scm server?

i have installed an coda-server who is the master.
then i have installed an coda-server who is the slave.

both have the following partition devices for coda:

/vicepa		sda7	reiserfs	24.5 GB
rvm			sda8	raw	3 GB
log			sda9	raw	400 MB

the coda files are installed in /coda.

the scm server i have configured while the setup with the following 
rvm data		- 315M
log data	 	- 30 M  

later i want to stock it up to the hole amount of MB/GB of the partitions.
how do i configure this?
i mean, changing rvm data from 315 M to 3 GB

i have create a volume on the scm server like this:
	createvol_rep codaclient E0000104 /vicepa

and configured after installation the following files like this:
scm server
	ds11            11		(is the scm server)
	ds10            10		(is the non-scm server)

	ds11   /vicepa   ftree   width=256,depth=3
	ds10   /vicepa   ftree   width=256,depth=3

	E0000100 ds11
	E0000102 ds10
	E0000104 ds11 ds10		(is the replication sektion for the 2 servers or not?)

	codaclient 7f000000 2 b000001 a000001 0 0 0 0 0 0 E0000104
the non-scm-server founds the scm-server and copied the files to him self with 
one difference:

in /vice/db/vicetab is only the non-scm server listed like this:
	ds10   /vicepa   ftree   width=256,depth=3

is that correct so?

have i configured the above files correct? 

after that i start the scm-server with this commands:
	/usr/local/etc/auth2.init start
	/usr/local/etc/update.init start
	/usr/local/etc/codasrv.init start
and the non-scm server with this commands:
 	updatecInt -h ds11

these services are also running on the machines (find it out with ps -ax).

now, how can i put some files in the coda db. must i use venus?
can i install on the scm or the non-scm server a venus client? Or must i 
install a coda client on a third machine?

i think for the first mail there are enough questions in it ;-)
i hope you can help me.

thanks for your help

Markus Markert
Suchtreffer AG
Bleicherstrasse 20
D-78467 Konstanz

fon:       +49-(0)7531-89207-17
fax:       +49-(0)7531-89207-13
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