Coda File System

Re: ruid or euid/fsuid?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 10:43:35 -0400
On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 02:19:18PM +0300, Tapio Suihko wrote:
> Accordingly, for Linux, there is the definition
> > #define CRTORUID(cred)  ((vuid_t)((cred).cr_fsuid))
> which, indeed, makes venus to use fsuid instead of ruid.
> However, in the later CVS revisions, credentials handling has been
> streamlined and coda_cred has collapsed into a single uid value. So,
> in the kernel file .../fs/coda/upcall.c, in function alloc_upcall(), we
> have
> > inp->ih.uid = current->uid;
> This is the real uid. So, in the case of Linux, access control
> semantics seem to be changing since 5.3.20.

You are right, that is a bug, it has to be current->fsuid. I'll combine
that with some other fixes that I have queued up. I hope Marcello will
accept it before he releases 2.4.21.

Received on 2003-04-14 10:45:57