Coda File System

slow write performance on linux

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 04:58:19 -0500
hi, i just joined this list after playing with coda for a couple of

the problem i'm having is that write operations are painfully slow.
i noticed that this issue has come up again and again in various
forms on this list, i'm curious to know if anyone has any insight,
or can suggest something new i can try out.

i'm running a 2.4.18 linux kernel, coda 5.3.20, and the latest rpc2
1.15. from what i understand, the latest rpc2 was meant to fix
problems related to slow write performance, but it hasn't helped my
installation at all.

my coda server is an unloaded, 4 CPU machine, and i've been testing
it against a single dual CPU client machine.

what i've observed is that writes are very slow, and seem to be
hanging on the close() (at least, on the client side). untarring
tar archives is also very slow.

i've tried just about everything, and i'm not sure what i should look
at. i originally started out with a 1GB data partition for my RVM, and
i lowered it to the recommend 315M, just for the sake of trying
everything. i'm running the client with masquerade turned off, and
i've tried running the server with mapprivate turned both on and off.

unfortunately, no matter what i try, write performance is terrible.
i've considered using my volumes in write-disconnected mode and
trickle in the changes, but in my brief testing, i've observed various
problems with reconnecting. so i'd prefer not to use this mode.

if anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated. i'm new to
coda, and while i'm eager to understand how it works, i feel that
i may had reached the end of the line with respect to this problem.

thanks in advance.


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