Coda File System

Coda server on Debian

From: Peter Schuller <>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:30:22 +0100

Yesterday I set up a coda client and server on a NetBSD machine. It went
more or less painless, except that I had some form av hang / timeout
issues when doing a lot of writes on the coda volume. Same thing
happened with a Debian coda client on a nother box against the same

So I figured there was a problem with the server. Today I went ahead and
set up a Coda server on the machine we want it running on - a Debian

After setting things up - seemingly correctly - any client trying to
connect to it prints "GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name!".

The only thing I found which was different was the hostname, which was
set to hostname rather than I manually changed
references to hostname to in all files under /vice
where it occurrs (perhaps this wasn't such a good idea?), but still the
same problem.

Other than that, I can't think of what I'm doing differently.

What could be the problem with such an error message? Is it a case of
the client failing to communicate with the server, or is it the server
not being able to answer the client's query correctly?

I did find a post in the ML archives about changing /etc/hosts to
properly list the server's hostname, but I'm not sure if this is
relevant. Plus I don't want to fiddle too much at the risk of breaking
other things (the hostname of the local host is a touchy issue :)).

Any ideas?

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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