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gzip not found - codacli-a7 windows xp

From: Daniele Palumbo <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 21:15:04 -0500
Hi all,

i am trying coda client "alpha 7" in windows xp;
but i have a strane error...
tar <child>: gzip: Cannot exec: No such file or directory
tar <child>: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
it is obviously a problem of cygwin, but until i am not able to see *why*.
the two line of tar was taken from a screening capture.
after it i can see that the install bar is at 85% at,
so i posted here. hoping...

i have cygwin installed in e:\cygwin
i don't know why, i have not searched so deep, but
1) all binries are in /bin, from cygwin something is in /bin, other in /usr/bin
2) from windows (cmd.exe, explorer) /usr/bin is *clean*
3) trying tar -zxvf usr.local.tgz from cmd.exe: ok
4) the same from cygwin: ok
5) in (windows) path there are both e:\cygwin\usr\bin (default) and 
e:\cygwin\bin (i have added it)
6) i have find out with google, that gave me the idea about 

i took note of the "closin' source" of windows version for coda, but it's 
not a good reason to "take out of control" the installation,
for me the binaries idea of coda (for windows) is good, but a zip without 
nothing else is better
or if community want, both the thing (wise + zip)

that's all...
best regards
Palumbo Daniele
Palumbo Daniele
Received on 2003-03-16 23:08:17