Coda File System

Re: Q: Is Partial Replication Possible?

From: Brian White <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:39:51 -0500
> > A new server in the group would initially start out as just a blank holding
> > disk.  When it needed a file, that file would be fetched and cached locally.
> > Once held on this new server, another server could purge its copy to make
> > space for something else it would like to cache.  As long as there were
> > at lest three (for example) other copies out there somewhere, a server
> > would know that it was free to purge its local copy and the system as
> > a whole would still meet the minumum required redundancy.
> Ah, I misunderstood what you're after.  In that case, I recommend
> reading about OceanStore instead :-).  There are a number of other
> projects whose names escape me that are headed in that direction; they
> should be referencing it, at least.

Wow!  Now that would be taking my idea to the extreme!  I think such (even
if it were currently in a stable and release form) would be a bit of
overkill for my network here.  Thanks for the pointer, though...  it was
one of those "brain expanding" moments.

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