Coda File System

Problems with conflicts that don't exist

From: Jochen Eisinger <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:11:03 +0100

I had two local:global conflicts on a coda-client (5.3.20/linux). So I
tried to repair them using the repair tool, basically discarding all
local changes.

Now the coda-client keeps giving me these messages:

volume users:coffee has unrepaired local subtree(s), skip checkpointing CML!

users:coffee is mounted to /coda/usr/coffee

$ find /coda/usr/coffee -type l -exec ls -l {} ;

doesn't show any objects in conflict (strange enough, find /coda/usr
doesn't recurse into coffee/...)

however, the two objects that were in conflict now cannot be accessed at

ls -l .openoffice/1.0.1/user/temp/soffice.tmp/sv1o9.tmp/sv1oc.tmp
ls: sv1oc.tmp: Permission denied

on the coda-server, this file doesn't exist at all btw

Now my question:

What can I do, so the coda-client either tells me what conflicts it sees
or reintegrates all other directories but the ones it doesn't like, so I
could flush the client's cache without losing tons of other changes?

best regards
-- jochen

Received on 2003-02-24 05:17:16