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*****SPAM***** Re: *****SPAM***** Newbie Question - hoarding files

From: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 08:55:46 +0000
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Many thanks for your reply.  I\'m sorry I upset your SPAMASSASSIN.  As you can see the e mail is not spam.  
We spoke a few months back when I was trying to register with the list.  Our organisation uses MS Outlook/Exchange.  This means I can\'t send text only, the privacy footer gets added to everything and it appears to use alll sorts of strange headers that your system doesn\'t like.
I eventually overcame some of the problems by using PHP to inject the message directly into the MTA, which allowed me to register with the list.  But it seems there are still enough problems to upset SPAMASSASSIN.
I am open to any suggestions you might have as to what it is that is going wrong, so I can fix it.  Most of the problem appears to be caused by

>PAM: NO_REAL_NAME       (1.3 points)  From: does not include a real name

Is that because FROM is an e mail address?

On to your reply.....

>It is just a file, mine is in /coda/usr/jaharkes/hoardlist, that way I
>can get at it from any client.

What I don\'t understand is how the client knows where to find the hoard file and subsequently which files to hoard.
I am assuming that if the server goes down, the client must have craeted a local cache of the files to continue working.
How does it know what files to cache (Via the hoardfile presumably)?
How does it know where to look for the hoardfile?  Is it in some default location, or is it in config somewhere?
Have I lost the plot completely?

>Ehh, store hoarded files on the server? mount point? I don\'t think you
>understood hoarding.

Sorry my mistake.  I meant to say client, not server.
Again, I assume that if the server goes down the client needs to have cached a local copy of all the files in the hoard file.
Where does it store the local cache?
Presumably this is /coda, but I\'m not sure.

Hope this is not a waste of your time.

Many thanks


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