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Re: data consistent

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 27 Jan 2003 10:17:13 +0100
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Vojtech Moravek <> writes:
> When one computers is down are change on the running computer.
> After start "repaired" 
>  the data are inconsistend and aren't mount by client (of course). Exist
> any way to rebuild both  coputers back to consistency state???

Do you 1) *know* they are inconsistent because you saw some error,

or do you 2) *expect* them to be inconsistent simply because one 
was down for some time ?

In case of 1) what exactly are the messages, how do you detect
inconsistency ? You mention coda is not mounted, but usual behaviour
in case of conflicts is that volumes are operating in "disconnected mode",
and are read-only. Also files turn into dangling symlinks to indicate 
that something is wrong until they are repaired.

In case of 2) Coda is supposed to do server-server replication
and take care of servers being down. In the case that 
some changes can't be merged into the second server, 
a so called server-server conflict occurs, which needs 
to be resolved manually using the repair tool.


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