Coda File System

Re: New Coda release 5.3.20

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:12:52 -0500
On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 07:21:02PM +0000, Mark Phalan wrote:
> I pulled coda out of CVS today. Compiled and installed ok. But when I run venus I get the following error:
> 19:17:30 WorkerInit: Version Skew with kernel! Get a newer kernel!
> 19:17:30 WorkerInit: Kernel version is 2
> I'm running a 2.4.20 vanilla kernel. Do I need a patch for it to run
> coda from CVS?

As I wrote in my announcement when 5.3.20 was released,

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 07:28:55PM -0500, Jan Harkes wrote:
> Next on the agenda will be to merge the "realms" development branch into
> the main branch in CVS, and hopefully release that soon. However, the
> realm-aware Coda clients require patches for the various kernel modules
> and are currently broken on FreeBSD and cygwin, and probably other
> platforms as well.
> People trying to track CVS after the merge will probably need some help
> and a lot of patience to get things working. Which is also why this
> release was made, it is the last known stable code that still works on
> all platforms without any required kernel patches :)

You definitely need a kernel patch. There should be one for Linux 2.4.20
in coda/kernel-src/linux-2.4.patch.

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