Coda File System

Re: video server?

From: Michael Loftis <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 16:07:24 -0800
Actually NFSv3 and CIFS (AKA SMB/Samba) have good support for large files. 
Your problem isn't really going to be file sizes so much as network 
bandwidth.  Consider that 100MBit ethernet == ~10Mbyte/sec (Peak assuming 
both ends can handle it) and you're editing raw/uncompressed say MPEG 
streams (Yes folks there is such a thing, MPEG is not just a compression 
format it's also an 'encoding' format ;)) the network b/w and/or latency 
itself tends to become the bigger beastie.  I've done DVE off of SMB/Samba 
based systems on 100Mbit, and 1Gbit and the difference is quite noticeble, 
note though that this was with a server capable of streaming 80+MByte/sec 
sustained.  I've found that doing DVE really requires 'local' storage or a 
low latency medium like FC-AL if you're really serious.  Note that most of 
my work is with relatively small files ranging from 3GB up to about 7GB.

All that said and aside :)  Coda may have limitations on the maximum 
filesize.  I've never tried coda in this situation, but I've had no luck 
getting it to run on any of the Windows systems, thought I've had smashing 
success on the Linux and FreeBSD boxen.

--On Thursday, December 26, 2002 5:54 PM -0600 Michael 
<> wrote:

> I need to setup a network fileserver(s) for dealing with large video files
> to be viewed and edited on client machines. Neither Samba or NFS seems up
> to the task of serving such large files. Would Coda work well for that
> sort of thing? Servers will be Linux and clients a mix of Linux and
> Windows. Thanks.
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