Coda File System

no joy on RH8.0 -- empty VLDB, other problems

From: Rod Van Meter <>
Date: 18 Dec 2002 12:37:15 -0800
Up until last week, I had only played with Coda as a client using the
CMU test server, which works just fine (modulo tinkering with the
strict firewall RH puts in by default).

Now I'm trying to get a server running for real on my Red Hat 8.0
system, and I'm stuck with a bad (empty) VLDB.

Table of Contents (uh-oh :-):

* bad VLDB
* hostname problems
* vice-setup-rvm problems
* vice-setup-scm problems
* rpm erase problems
* /etc/rc.d symlinks

bad VLDB:
suggests making sure that update is running (codasrv is apparently
needed, too), then running bombs as follows:

Fetching volume lists from servers:
V_BindToServer: binding to host
GetVolumeList finished successfully - success
V_BindToServer: binding to host
VolMakeVLDB failed with Unknown RPC2 return code 102

and there I'm stuck.  Suggestions?

hostname problems:

I tried wiping things and recreating from scratch, which caused some
problems with the hostname.

Most of the scripts seem to trim the domain off of the hostname and
store that in files like scm and hostname and use it in other config

But, when I run startserver, SrvLog contains:

Hostname of this server ( is not listed in
/vice/db/servers. Exiting.

When I replaced all instances of sagarmatha with,
things seemed to go much more cleanly, and appear to be more or less
working.  I haven't yet looked at the server code to see who's failing
to trim the hostname and why.

vice-setup-rvm problems:

The first problem I ran into was in vice-setup-rvm.  It calls rvmutl
and rdsinit.  Unfortunately, the path is hard coded, and wrong.  This
will fix it for the Red Hat RPMs you posted:

diff /usr/sbin/vice-setup-rvm.orig /usr/sbin/vice-setup-rvm
<	/usr/local/sbin/rvmutl > /dev/null  << EOF
>	/usr/sbin/rvmutl > /dev/null  << EOF
<	/usr/local/sbin/rdsinit -f $log $data $param
>	/usr/sbin/rdsinit -f $log $data $param

vice-setup-scm problems:

As a result of the above problems, I wound up running vice-setup
several times.  This had a number of bad effects, one of which is that
vice-setup-scm appends too many lines to the "servers" file.

rpm erase problems:

rpm -e coda-debug-server reported some error with the post-erase
script whose output I didn't capture, and I'm not in a position right
now to try it again.  The others seemed to erase okay.

etc/rc.d symlinks:

Installing the RPMs created the scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d, but
didn't put the matching symlinks into /etc/rc[1-5].d/.  Running

chkconfig auth2.init reset

and similarly for the others solved the problem.  I'm inclined to
think that the post-install script in the RPM ought to do this.  If
not, might be useful for the install documentation to mention it.


How's that for a day's work?

Thanks as always for advice and what I hope will be a useful system,

Received on 2002-12-18 15:43:12