Coda File System

Re: coda on RedHat 8.0 ?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 21:10:14 -0500
>>>>> "Rod" == Rod Van Meter <> writes:

    Rod> I installed ncurses4 and readline2, as suggested by Niraj,
    Rod> but I get the same error as Armani -- I try to start codasrv
    Rod> on a Red Hat 8.0 system, and it segfaults.

This looks like an Act of Uli to me.

I know that something has changed in mallocation in glibc 2.3 (this
includes the pre-release versions 2.2.9x that Red Hat included in
8.0).  Whether this would affect Coda I have no idea; bug-glibc
doesn't seem to care about crashes in XEmacs (for good reason, I
suppose; we use unexec to convert memory images to executables, which
involves incestuous knowledge of ld, libc, and malloc internals), and
I have gotten no useful response about exactly what might have changed.

It could also be another undocumented change in ld; that could change
where malloc structures in glibc are kept, alignments, etc, which
"shouldn't matter" to a well-coded app, but of course non-trivial
examples of that don't exist.  :-/

If Coda is not doing anything funny (like using knowledge of vtable
layout or other libc or libstdc++ etc structures) in its allocation
strategy, I would bet recompile against your tools will help.  Make
sure everything in the toolchain (compiler, binutils, libc headers,
etc) is up to date, of course (subject to the caveat that last I
header gcc 3.0 wasn't friendly with Coda, but that may be resolved
with gcc 3.2+).

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