Coda File System

New Coda release 5.3.20

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 19:28:55 -0500
A new release is out and available for download at
Some bugs were fixed and most (all?) compilation/build problems were

Right now only precompiled binaries for RedHat and Debian are available,
as well as source tarballs that should compile on all platforms. Thanks
to Casey Helfrich at Intel Research, the RPMS were compiled on a RedHat
8.0 system, which will hopefully fix the problems with missing libraries
and such.

FreeBSD and NetBSD ports and pkgsrc trees haven't been
updated yet and the windows NT/2000/XP port will probably catch up
around January.

Next on the agenda will be to merge the "realms" development branch into
the main branch in CVS, and hopefully release that soon. However, the
realm-aware Coda clients require patches for the various kernel modules
and are currently broken on FreeBSD and cygwin, and probably other
platforms as well.

People trying to track CVS after the merge will probably need some help
and a lot of patience to get things working. Which is also why this
release was made, it is the last known stable code that still works on
all platforms without any required kernel patches :)

Besides various fixes all over the place, these are some of the main

lwp 1.10

- Updated for current autoconf/gcc build environment.
- Some uninitialized memory references were found by 'valgrind'.

rpc2 1.14
- Updated for current autoconf/gcc build environment.
- Some cleanups for the code generated by the rp2gen stub generator.
- Hopefully improved 'timeout' behaviour on asynchronous links (ADSL).
rvm 1.7

- Updated for current autoconf/gcc build environment.
- Some uninitialized memory references were found by 'valgrind'.
- Slightly improved writeout/commit performance.
- Explicitly yields to other threads during long running RVM operations.

coda 5.3.20

- Updated for current autoconf/gcc build environment.
- Repair tries to continue even when not all replicas can be mounted.
- I _think_ this code fixes the problem where venus dies when it is
  restarted after a local-global conflict and required reinitialization.
- Added 'masquerade_port' option to venus.conf to force venus to use a
  fixed port when 'masquerade=1'. Simplifies life for strict firewall
- Improved Kerberos intergration.
- Fixed the problem where servers would crash when more than 30000 files
  were created in a single volume.

Most of the changes are generic build fixes to keep up to date with
the new autoconf 2.5x and gcc-3.x tools as they are being deployed more
widely. But some of the annoying often reported problems got resolved as
well. Some annoying often reported problems are still unresolved, but
we're working on those.

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