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Re: coda on RedHat 8.0 ?

From: armani <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 03:57:38 +0800
Excuse me ..

I pull the source from CVS. And I read the README.BSD
It said $SRC/configure [ but the source directory doesn't contain this file
... ]

[armani_at_st3 coda]$ ls  djgpp  README.nt
ChangeLog         CREDITS       doc        README.Solaris  CVS           lib-src   obj                README.win95
coda-src          cygwin        LICENSE   README.BSD         tests
configs           debian        Makeconf  README.kerberos    tools

I am not familier with auto-configure but Makefile.
So would you like to tell me if the source tree lack of this file or just
use to generate the
configure file ? How to do with it .. [ Is this a FAQ ?] @_@

[As CVS log]
[root_at_st3 coda]# cvs st -v
File:      Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    4.90
   Repository revision: 4.90    /coda-src/coda/,v
   Sticky Tag:          (none)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)

   Existing Tags:
==>>        coda_20020715_realms            (branch: 4.89.2)
        coda_20020715                   (revision: 4.89)
        c5_3_19                         (revision: 4.86)
        c5_3_18r2                       (revision: 4.84)

I checkout this branch 4.89.2. Then I still can't find `configure' file.
So is there documents speak about this that I could read ?

BTW: I've built a Bootable Kickstart RedHat 8.0 CD [ minimal base ], I would
like to built CODA into this
CD, and it could pull a ip from dhcp and auto config CODA. Maybe someone
will like this way ^_^

--Armani Liao

Received on 2002-12-12 14:59:46