Coda File System

Unable to do beginrepair...

From: Michael Loftis <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:32:35 -0800
Not even sure how I ended up with inconsistencies but I did (I've only got 
one client and one server so...)  Anyway on the client I attempt to doa 
repair, and get the following output:

repair > beginrepair
Pathname of object in conflict? []: /coda/click/click-1.2.4/conf
VIOCGETVOLSTAT /coda/click/click-1.2.4/conf/global failed
Could not allocate replica list
beginrepair failed.
repair >

I have a feeling this has to do with the fact that I'm running 
write-disconnect (cfs wd) and none of the click/* directory actually exists 
yet on the server.

Unfortunately didn't have time to wait on a response so I've already venus 
-init ed...It may or may not be related to anything else.

If it matters I was writing to the volume through a SymLink as root.  ( 
/root/click -> /coda/click ) running .deb package versions of coda 5.3.15-1

If it happens again I'll try to save the state of the machine so it can be 
investigated at more leisure.  This is just to note the happening for 
posterity (and any interested parties)
Received on 2002-12-11 01:37:25