Coda File System

OpenAFS or Coda?

From: Michael Loftis <>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 17:34:42 -0800
Here's the situation I've got, two sites 100+GB of files that need to be 
shared between the two sites by a design group.  The sites are/will be 
connected via a point to point T-1 forming a private network.

My question is which would be better at handling this sort of scenario, and 
how best to handle it.  All of the Coda systems I've examined so far are 
either a client or a server, so setting up a server on either side as a 
replicated (READ+WRITE) volume is a non-starter.

OpenAFS refused to run on any of the Linux machines I have had time to try 
it on though (usually non-fatally oopsing the kernel and/or segfaulting but 
always during the mount phase).  I don't really have time right now 
togather up all the details of the crashes, suffice to say thats not what 
I'm here for.

What I wanted to know is, in the opinion of this group, for hte situation I 
have, which would be better?  Note that these files are 100MB or so on 
average and the T-1 is the only data link to the outside world for the 

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