Coda File System

Re: Two questions: usability on large network and K5

From: Fernando Schapachnik <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 12:37:27 -0300
Hi Ivan,

	Thanks for you answers. Let me refrase my original question: are there case
studies/success stories of large organizations using CODA? This is for the boss :)

	I'd like to be confident that it won't crash and data corruption won't happen. My
impression is that it's still not that mature. Am I right?

	Thanks again!


En un mensaje anterior, Ivan Popov escribió:
> > a) Is it usable in a 3500 workstation network?


> The usability depends enormously on the kind of data you put on coda.
> Same data updated in parallel on multiple clients would kill your system
> (or rather the users would kill the administrator when they face file
> conflicts too often :)
> Big files are tedious to open on a moderately slow/fast network (Coda
> caches the whole file before open() returns to the calling process).
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