Coda File System

Some coda preconfiguration questions

From: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:36:04 -0500

I was reading through the coda setup guide and I came across the two 
following recommendations. 

 - Allocate a raw partition for RVM meta-data (you can use a file but this 
will be slow on a medium to large server). This partition must be around 4% 
of the total size of the files you wish to store under /vicepa (e.g. on a 
3.3GB server we use around 130M of rvm data). Consider 10M to be the 

 - Allocate a LOG partition, preferably on a separate disk. This needs not be 
large (12MB is large enough for a 3.3GB partition which is the largest 
default configuration provided by vice-setup-rvm script). 

I read that it was recommended not to make a server larger than 3.3GB. I 
want to create a server that is around 60-65GB worth of data. Has anyone 
made larger partitions? Any performance penalties? Any recommendations? 


Received on 2002-11-27 13:32:35