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Re: Fwd: Default password or other problem on first login after initial setup

From: Matthew R Welland <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:14:45 -0500
I eventually got past the default password problem and other problems by
re-installing -- over and over again. However it is all somewhat of a moot
point since after using Coda for a few weeks I concluded: (WARNING: Rant
mode on)

1. Coda is too fragile for my needs. After a week of use I adjusted my
    behavours (NEVER be logged in on two computers accessing your
    Coda files simultaneously...) and things were getting fairly reliable
    one power outage and the time spent recovering ....
2. Coda can not usefully support large files and is too slow even with only
    moderately large files when writing (kmail is frustratingly slow with
    mail folders on Coda for example). I routinely deal with 20 meg plus
    when I bring work home.
3. A 200 meg cache is inadequate for my needs.
4. Coda uses too much CPU. Playback of mp3's did not work reliably with
    on my laptop -- even if the mp3's where kept on local disk.
5. The 25 hour token and the mysterious behavior from applications when
    tokens expire is barely tolerable for me and will never fly with less
    technically savvy users who "just want to get the job done".

I'm hoping that some of these issues will be addressed over time but for
now I'm back on NFS and using CVS to keep files in sync between the laptop
and the home machine. For me the disconnected mode would be wonderful but I
was forever finding that the file I needed wasn't in the cache. Hoarding
might have helped but in truth not everything I needed would fit into 200
meg and the Coda howto recommended against a larger cache. Probably the
straw that broke the camels back was CPU and memory usage on both the
server and the client.

Time permitting I will evaluate Intermezzo in the hope that it is more
appropriate for a small home network such as mine than Coda was.


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>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Harkes <> writes:

    Jan> On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 07:16:37PM +0700, hidayat wrote:

    >> clog
    >> username: matt
    >> Password:
    >> Invalid login (RPC2_NOTAUTHENTICATED (F)).

    >> I am trying the default password "changeme". "matt" is the user
    >> name I gave during vice-setup. I'm using Debian unstable.

    Jan> Not sure what's going on here, the auth2 daemon on the server is
    Jan> running,

Of course if he's using Debian, there's a chance that he's been hosed
by the "you can't use Berkeley db 1.85 even if you really want to"
policy.  This is the error you get when you install a new Coda server
compiled against the libdbX, X > 1 compatibility API to upgrade an
existing installation that used a real db 1.85 to create the database.

Seems unlikely in a new installation, I admit, where presumably all
the tools are compiled against the same version of libdb.

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