Coda File System

bison 1.75

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:05:05 -0500
Does not seem to like rp2gen_parser.y and friends *at all*.

There are commas in the %token and %type declarations.  No, no!
Bison Changelog doesn't say anything about this pedantry, but CVS says
those commas go back at least to the last millenium, so I guess it's

enum yytokentype enumerates the tokens so that gdb et al can see
them.  Now the redefinition of SERVER and CLIENT in rp2.h (line 123)
doesn't work, I think for that reason.  (Changelog says this was new
in bison 1.50, 2002-10-04.)

I haven't been able to build CVS Coda in _ages_.  Hmm, let's poke
around a bit....

This is curious:

bash-2.05b$ cvs status -v | head
File: no file               Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    No entry for
   Repository revision: 4.20    /coda-src/coda/Attic/,v

   Existing Tags:
        c5_3_19                         (revision: 4.18)
        c5_3_18r2                       (revision: 4.18)
        c5_3_18                         (revision: 4.18)

etc, etc.  Aha, you generate with autoheader ... except you don't:

bash-2.05b$ autoheader
/usr/bin/autoheader2.13: Symbol `int32_t' is not covered by /usr/share/autoconf2.13/acconfig.h
/usr/bin/autoheader2.13: Symbol `u_int32_t' is not covered by /usr/share/autoconf2.13/acconfig.h

and autoheader dies and doesn't generate  No wonder the
build process seems to be confused about my system configuration!
(Sometimes I think they should just collect all the auto* applications
into a single "autistic" package....)  Try autoheader2.50 explicitly.

Hey!  It looks like I'm gonna get a build!

I don't think there's much you can do about this silliness except put back in to CVS until you can require the auto*-2.5x tools.

Is it just me...?  Or is it just Debian `sid' doing what it's best at
(breaking the world)?  Or is it just Debian?

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