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From: Simone Sestini <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:46:25 +0100
Good morning all,

I'm planning to install a server farm of coda servers (5.3.19) here for 
various purpose.
Actually i have 3 servers with 1,8T of Raid 5 each one.

I would use a configuration like that.


/dev/sda1 20Gb /
/dev/sda3 2Gb /vice
/dev/sda4 500M RVM LOG Partition
/dev/sda5 60Gb RVM Metadata
/dev/sda6 1,6T /vicepa

Other 2 servers are similar that..

Now... my questions are:

1) The RVM LOG partition is too big or not ? howto say don't use more then 
30M ?!?! But i have 1,6T of possible datas.
2) The RVM Metadata partition should be 4% of the Storage Area so about 60G 
but howto say don't use more then 315M
3) After installing the libraries and all for coda i started what it say

Congratulations: your configuration is ready...and now
to get going do the following:
  - start the auth2 server as: auth2
  - start rpc2portmap as: rpc2portmap
  - start updatesrv as: updatesrv
  - start updateclnt as:  updateclnt -h tva-coda-3
  - start the fileserver: startserver &
  - wait until the server is up: tail -f /vice/srv/SrvLog
  - create your root volume: createvol_rep coda:root E0000100 /vicepa
  - setup a client: venus-setup tva-coda-3 20000
  - start venus: venus
  - enjoy Coda.
  - for more information see

The venus client is not more into coda ? why i don't find it anymore ?

Thanks for any reply,
I'll be active soon on that maling list reporting lot of information..


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