Coda File System

Re: Is Coda Right For Me. (file retrieval behavior)

From: Matthew R Welland <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:49:01 -0400
For serving mp3 files it might be possible for the music playing software
to help out by reading the first few bytes of the next song in the queue
while playing the current song.

I'm sure it has been discussed before but I assume coda is efficient in
retrieving files. Perhaps using something like rsync to retrieve changes to
a file already in the cache? Anyhow I don't really see why coda can't make
the data available to the application as it obtains it. If the network goes
away venus would have to simply remember that the file in question is
incomplete and not allow changes to the file until the network was
available again or the file completely retrieved.

A comment: Is coda trying too hard to do the right thing? I was
experimenting with quotas and I got a conflict when I exceeded my quota. On
most filesystems you get an error of some sort, remove the partial file,
clean up some space and then you are back in business. On coda I had to run
the repair tool (admittedly easier than I remember) before I could get
access to the file system again. Just seems strange and unnecessary.

One additional comment: It would be nice if repair would take a file name
as a parameter. Or perhaps it does but I can't tell since the Debian
packages of coda didn't appear to include the man pages (did I miss a

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