Coda File System

Re: how is it working on freebsd

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 15:58:18 -0400
On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 01:47:09PM +0200, Fredrik Bodin wrote:
> I was wondering if everybody is running this system on linux, or do we
> have a few that is running it on FreeBSD. 

There are a couple of FreeBSD users, at least 2 that I can name right
away, probably a couple more when I think a little harder.

> If anyone have some tips'n tricks on setting it up on freebsd, it
> would be helpful.

Shafeeq, that's your cue ;)

> Tested it one time for a coupel of months ago, but it seemed very slow
> on performance (probarly i have done something wrong) but it tok ages
> to write a small file from the coda client to the coda server.

I remember, I'm still unsure why you were seeing that absolutely
horrible performance. Wasn't it something like 3x slower than expected?
The CVS version of rpc2 has a patch that avoids ACK duplication which in
some situations would create parallel data pushes where all the filedata
is in fact sent 2 or multiple times over the same wire.

On the other hand, because we use whole file caching and write back the
complete file (only) when the file is closed, we are almost reliably
slower than other network filesystems. NFS will f.i. allow you access to
parts of the file pretty quickly because it doesn't care about having a
consistent local copy. Similarity it will flush dirty blocks back to the
server long before you actually close the file because it doesn't care
whether other clients see a consistent copy of the data on the server.

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