Coda File System

Re: Re: authenticatio problem

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:20:52 -0400
On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 01:59:43AM +0530, Sagar Shukla wrote:
> Hi Jan,
>    Thank you for your response.
> I even tried configuring the coda-client on a redhat server. Which gave 
> me the facility of clog and not kclog. But still I got the same error.
> I think you have not gone through my other observations, which doesnot 
> show dependency with kerberos.

Your other observations didn't matter because you tried to use kclog
which failed to get a valid token, so the Coda client and Coda server
were never even contacted.

It was basically a matter between kclog, kauth2 and the kerberos server.
So neither the venus logs nor the SrvLog server logs would show anything
about the whole login attempt.

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 01:58:25PM -0700, yogesh kithani wrote:
> Q 1. Can I run coda server on mandrake 8.2 and connect a client from redhat 7.1 ?


> Q 2. While Installing server username was given admin. And now when I clog from my client i get this message.
> [root_at_L3-7 root]# clog admin
> username: admin
> Password:
> Invalid login (RPC2_NOTAUTHENTICATED (F)).
> password supplied was changeme.
> Please guide me into it coz this is the last day I can fight out with CODA

On the server you can check /vice/auth2/AuthLog, that should contain
information about the login attempt,

Any login attempt would look like,

    16:08:51 AuthNewConn(0x34680142, 0, 66, 2, 7768)
    16:33:07 In PWGetKeys()
    16:33:07        vid = 7712
    16:33:07        vid = 7712

When it fails there is also a line like,

    00:34:36 Authentication failed for "username" from

You can check for all known users/groups by running,

    # pdbtool list

But this doesn't tell you whether these users actually have a password
that allows them to log in. That information is stored in /vice/db/,
and the corresponding password field is encoded with the key in

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