Coda File System

Re: Some questions...

From: Derek Simkowiak <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 11:01:33 -0700 (PDT)
> just have 2 computers that are going to be using the data,

	It will first be two, but then should grow up to "several" nodes.

> try just a cluster{ed|ing} file system.

	That's what I'm after.  How is CODA not a "cluster{ed|ing}"

> OpenGFS, has been down (for the last few days at least),
there has been only 1 message posted to the support mailing list this year
(in April!), and no updates released since January.  Does not seem
suitable because there is not a real-world production user base that I can

> Oracle Cluster File System,

	Too expensive for this project.

> or one of the others.

	What others?  I'm willing to consider alternatives to CODA, but I
know of none.  OpenAFS's replication is read-only, not read-write, and
frankly seems as admin-heavy as CODA.  Also, this cluster is an experiment
in complete node homogeneity.  I want to use the big hard drives of my
nodes instead of additional hard drives on yet-more-hardware ($$$).

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